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Betsy Freeman is an art director, design strategist, and illustrator currently working at Intuit on the Central Innovation team in her favorite city San Francisco, CA. She is obsessed with visual storytelling and empowering others to tap into their creativity to effectively share their own stories.

Formally trained in fine art, design and psychology, Betsy has a well-rounded and empathetic approach to problem solving and working with teams. In addition to eating dark chocolate, she comes alongside entrepreneurs and brands to strategically find their voice and create brilliant visuals- whether that’s crafting brand guides and strategies, art-directing photo shoots, or leading design thinking sessions, Betsy stops at nothing to pull together a creative vision and push it to its full potential.

In her free time, you can find her drawing scraggly cartoons of #millenialstruggles @freebetsydraws

She takes on projects big and small and also checks her email, so hit up her inbox.

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